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Le Cottage -Property Check-In-


Evidently, some Seasons here in the great white North are more preferred to property owners than others. In those seasons best avoided, why not have a trusted neighbour keep an eye on things? If all you need is a quick 360 walkaround security check, packages start at $25 for weekly visits, then go up in scope and price from there.


So don’t let an overactive imagination sour that beachside margarita- leave it to the lime- and rest easy with regular status updates provided by your trusted friendly neighbors at Le Cottage.

Cottage Classics

Property Watch

Storm & Flood Watch

Equipment Maintenance

Time Matters

Driving North to check on things is rather impractical: 1-3 hours, each way + gas + wear and tear on your car + Opportunities forgone. All resolved for a starting price of $25 per visit!

Peace-of-Mind Matters

Bad things can happen, and you cant always be around to prevent or minimize them. Leave your property in trusted hands with neighbours at Le Cottage and be sure the worst is prevented or reduced as best as possible.

Money Matters

With respect to Covid-19: Desperate times can lead to unfortunate circumstances for property owners. Just reference any revolution, riot or depression. (Yes- depressions take a far greater toll on those less fortunate, but in strictly dollar terms, property owners are at very high risk)

$ Pricing $

Check-In & Audit Programs:
All Check-In & Audit services include an email results update, highlighting items of your importance.

Weekly Basic: $25 Walkaround
Biweekly Basic: $35 Walkaround
Monthly Basic: $40 Walkaround

Weekly Audit: $35 for Walkaround + 3 item audit
Biweekly Audit: $45 for Walkaround + 3 items audit
Monthly Audit: $55 for Walkaround + 3 item audit
*Additional Audit items: $5 each

Audit Options (Among Others):
- Pest Control
- Equipment Test (ATV's, Snow Mobile's)
- Generator
- Temperature reading
- Basement Flooding
- Accessory Buildings
- Landscaping/ Storm Watch
- Valuables
- Photos

- Snow Removal (Free with every program)

Management Options:
In the event your property check turns up something in need of attention, allow us to arrange the necessary services in a timely & professional fashion.
Repairs & Emergency Management: $20 for initial contractor call arranging for the problems fix, with subsequent contractor calls billed at $5 per call. Regular check-in fees apply to status updates on work progress or contractor meetings.

*All services require submitting the below application 48-Hours prior to service use.

Note: Services cannot be shared among multiple households

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