Personal Shopping: Skip the drive to town and crazy line-ups for as little as $30. Email your shopping list with 24-hour notice to, and have your groceries delivered right to your doorstep with a smile!

Le Cottage: After-Hours

"Because Life Keeps Moving."

Like everywhere else in Muskoka, the Baysville General Store hours are limited. And yet, we've all been caught in that evening jam where we realize at 9pm that we forgot the drink mix, tampons, or Tylenol cold & flu. Le Cottage After-Hours is designed with that in mind. Members to our service get exclusive access to the Store from closing time to 11pm 7-days a week. Simply call, order, and arrange for pickup! Alternatively, your items can be delivered for $30 extra…. "Room Service!"


Late-Night Classics

Groceries & Snacks

Cold & Flu Meds

Party Favourites

Hours Matter

As the only shopping in town past 9pm, we've got you covered whatever your needs: Smokes, Snacks, Groceries, Drink Chase, Over-Counter meds, all available past 11pm.

Covid-19 Response:
While product offerings are restricted to on-hand inventory, customers appreciate access to last-minute needs such as Tylenol cold & flu, chicken noodle soup, and other sickly classics-- All delivered with disposable gloves and mask.

Isolation Matters

Shopping after the crowds is a good way to avoid contact. At the end of each work-day, we carfully disinfect all surface area's potentially put in contact with staff and customers. This limits your possible exposure to potential bacteria inevitably built-up throughout a day of regular business operations.

Fun Matters

Its hard to predict which nights might enter "legendary" territory. However, at some point or another, the cottage will be host to just such events. Baysville General's After-Hours service allows these nights to play out organically- so you can leave the planning for your day job.

Apply Below

Le Cottage's After-Hours Shopping program is a members only service dedicated to serving a community otherwise limited past 9pm. In order to adequately prepare for demand, below is a mandatory application all members must submit before using our services.

Pricing .

Option 1) Regular Membership
3-months of unlimited use for $90

Option 2) Month-to-Month Membership
1-month of unlimited use for $35

Option 3) Pay-Per-Use Membership
Complete access to After-Hours services, for the fee of $25 each use*

*All options require submitting the below application 24-Hours prior to service use

Price Note: Orders Under $5, Will be subject to a $2 fee
Price Note: Services cannot be shared among multiple households

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